About us

About Digital P Enterprises
Digital P Enterprises is a woman-owned small business providing new and refurbished products across all eCommerce sectors.  Founded in 2014, we are small but growing quickly, with 30% year-on-year growth for the last 7 years.

Digital P Enterprises is a small business dedicated to helping rising and established brands build a competitive eCommerce presence. We were founded in 2014 and have grown quickly, with market-beating year-on-year growth every year since. We would love to meet and discuss your brand's needs and goals.

Our Amazon Storefront has 99% Positive Seller Feedback over 1000+ reviews

In the crowded eCommerce space, we will make your brand stand out through top level sales, marketing and logistical support. We operate on a High Order MOQ, including new and seasonal priority products. Our Fluid Logistics system allows us to adapt to real time changes in fulfillment network rules so your priority products will never be out of stock. As a wholesale provider, our goals are your goals, in the products we offer, our coordinated marketing and customer satisfaction.

Fluid Logistics

We understand how critical it is to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time. We have optimized all aspects of our fulfillment supply chain from port arrival, 3PL for order processing and warehousing, and FastTag-eligible order fulfillment.

A few features of our system include:

  • Multi-Channel API-Integrated Fulfillment and Inventory Management Software
  • Nearly unlimited warehouse space which we can increase to respond to inventory needs
  • Dynamic solutions to the changing requirements of the Amazon and Walmart fulfillment systems

Customer Service

We are here to support your brand's customers and address their concerns in real-time. By closely monitoring product and seller feedback, we can provide proactive customer service to address individual and platform level concerns before they impact your brand's image. Our performance speaks for itself:

  • 99% Positive Amazon Seller Rating across 1000+ Reviews (Storefront)
  • Rapid customer service available 24/7 with an average 3 hour time to case resolution
  • Growing list of repeat customers

Product Promotion

Products succeed or fail in eCommerce based on advertising, reviews and their organic growth. We help our brands develop platform-specific advertising strategies. We follow up with customers post-sale to solicit product reviews and promote new products, all done in compliance with marketplace policy. We use the best available PPC and product promotion tools, but in the end we succeed through organic growth. We also develop high quality listings, images and bullets optimized by platform.



Digital P was a perfect fit for our latest round of kits. Once they stepped in to manage our logistics, our sales have gone up and we are actively developing new products. Page is great!

Chris W.

Instead of hiring a new staff member to take on our product supply chain we hired Digital P. They have taken a huge load off and now we have time to focus on the important parts of our business

Jessica L.